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Manufacture and supply of nuclear energy.


Modernization of local control panel for boiler station in Units 5 and 6: Preparation of design documentation; electrical panels manufacturing; installation works at site; commissioning of C&I appliances for level observation; Ph-meters for pressure; thermo regulators; rate-of-flow meters; valves control by means of current feedback; transmitters adjustment.


Upgrade of the control system of local control panel of steam jet ejectors in Units 5 and 6 and the Auxiliary building 3. 
Installation of redundant power supply system of the electrical equipment of steam jet ejectors in Units 5 and 6 and auxiliary building.


Upgrade and refurbishment panel production

2006 - 2009

Engineering and production of safety panels for the circulating pump station 3,4

2009 - 2010

Mounting works for the replacement of technical equipment of safety management systems for Units 5 and 6.


Engineering, production and installation of pumping station remote control


Upgrade of control system in Auxiliary building 3 - jointly with Westinghouse
Preparation of design documentation, cabinets design, samples production, seismic qualifications, factory testing FAT; electrical panels manufacturing, mounting and dismounting works on site; measurements and commissioning and start-up on site.

2013 - 2016

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